Introduction: Gesture Control Robot

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A gesture control is an Accelerometer based robotic vehicle which is capable to detect the tilt of hand and move according to it, so I named it “Gesture Control Robot”. The main intention of making this project is that to understand the working of accelerometer and Robotics in interesting way. I was inspired to make this project when I saw this project in my college which was made by my senior Mr. Chinmya Sharma.

Step 1: Circuit Components

For Transmitter Circuit

1. Arduino (any)

2. Accelerometer

3. HT12E IC

4. RF Transmitter

5. Battery

For Receiver Circuit

1. RF Receiver

2. HT12D IC

3. L293D Motor Driver

4. Two DC Geared Motors (12 Volt)

5. Chassis

6. Two Wheels

7. Rechargeable battery (12 Volt)

Step 2: Transmitter Circuit

Step 3: Receiver Circuit

Step 4: Upload the Code

Copy the code from my site

Step 5: Finish

Just copy and paste the code into arduino.