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Introduction: Gesture Controlled Bot

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This instructable will teach you to make your very own hand gesture controlled bot-wireless on AVR platform. This being my very first instructable(I know, everyone writes that!!), I hope you find it kind of up to the mark...

Step 1:

Microcontroller-Iv used AVR atmega 8
Programmer-ie if ur mcu demands it!!!
L293D motor driver board
RF module-433MHz is what iv used,use 4GHz, whatever u like-to recognise: the smaller module is ur Tx or transmitter and the longer one is ur Rx or receiver(just in case ur not clear with ur components ;) )
Analogue accelerometer(MMA7361 is what iv used, u can go for ADXL series)
HT12E board(this is ur encoder board)-it is the smaller of the 2 boards
HT12D(this is ur decoder board)
Motors,wheels,chassis,castor wheel(all ur basic bot hardware)
Many many female to female wires

It's good to have the following handy for testing,or other hardware applications:
A multimeter
A screwdriver
A wire cutter

Step 2:

So basically ul have to connect ur motors to the motor driver and the motor driver input pins(the 4 pins at the top-usually labeled Signal In 11,12,13,14) to the decoder/receiver pins D8,9,10,11...and of course, do not forget to insert ur Rx rf module into the suitable female BRT heads of your decoder board(same goes with the Tx....give VCC and GND from motor driver to the decoder...this is ur set up on ur other board needs to go onto ur bot(apart from these two) for ur wireless magneto)

Step 3:

The mcu(microcontroller) along with the encoder/transmitter will go on ur hand, with the accelerometer of course. U can use a programmer to program ur the connections are thus: as per ur code, connect pins PB0,1,2,3(or whatever uv initialised in ur code) to ur encoder pins A10,11,12,14...make sure that the connections u make from the mcu to ur encoder have the exact pin configuration as that of ur motor driver to ur decoder, simple reason being that the encoder and decoder will basically act as the bridge between mcu and motor driver to make ur bot wireless. Had the encoder-decoder not been there, ud have directly connected the motor driver input pins into the mcu output pins in the same pattern of understand this better, if uv connected pin nos 11,12,13,14 of the motor driver to d8,9,10,11 of ur decoder, then connect pin PB0,1,2,3 of ur mcu to ur pins A10,11,12,13 of ur encoder(iv coded pinsPB0,1,2,3 as my output pins) VCC and GND to the encoder from the per the code, connect Pins PC0,1 to ur accelerometer's X and Y pins respectively...connect sleep and 5V of accelerometer to VCC of MCU, gnd of accelerometer to gnd of MCU...
That's it!! Ur hardware is ready...
Have a look at the pictures given to verify ur connections, if u feel alls well, then jump right in for coding!!!
So for the code on AVR platform(The codes authored by my senior and not me)


Make sure ur antenna on RX and Tx are nice and solenoid and long for good transmission...mines a bit sloppy(well all my work is sloppy!! So forgive me)... Also take care of ur common grounding if ur developing ur own boards...I guess ul make through rest of it urself . Now just tilt ur accelerometer forward, backward, left and right... Good luck :D

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done, and for a first instructable too . . . Keep up the good work!