Introduction: Get EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) on Any Android Smartphone.

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Hello guys.

Today I have a new hack for all them Smartphone photographers who have a phone with decent camera but while recording the videos are very shaky and your camera lacks EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Most flagship phones do have this feature or even better OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). But it lacks in many mid-range or budget oriented smartphones.

Now its not possible to make an OIS system for your device but it is very easy to get EIS with a single line of code. There are few things you need that is, Root access and your device should have Gyro and Accelerometer Sensors.

Now that been made clear lets jump right into the process.

Step 1: Requirements :-

These are the things you will need :-

1. AIDA64 app.

2. BuildPropapp.

3. Rooted Android smartphone.

Both the apps are available on playstore for free.

Step 2: Checking the Device :-

First thing you have to do is check the device if it has gyro and accelerometer sensor. Easiest way to do that is using AIDA64 app.

Just Download the app. Open it and you will find all the information about your device from hardware to software. From all the listed options select "Sensors" and you will see a list of all the sensors on your device with their function.

Check if Gyro and Accelerometer is present , If it is you are ready to perform the hack.

Lets get started....

Step 3: Making Modifications :-

This is the final step. Follow it carefully and you shall get working image stabilization !

Once you have downloaded and Installed BuildProp app, Open it.

Tap on the "pencil icon" on top right corner.

You will see a list of codes , Be careful you don't mess up anything.

Scroll down until you find "#Camera".

Under that you will see few line of codes.Look for :-

Now if the above line of codes are present as it is you probably already have EIS.

If not there must be "0" in place of "1". Just replace that "0" with "1".

If there is no such code, Then just copy the above lines and paste them under #Camera .

When you are done. Tap on the save icon on the top and select "Save & Exit"

Now Reboot your phone.

That's all you need to do. Now you have Working EIS on your device !

Step 4: Testing :-

Now that you have EIS on your device you will need to use some better camera app to use it as the default camera app your phone has isn't made for this purpose.

I have listed few apps that works great for this purpose.

1. Google Camera .

2. Bacon Camera.

For now I just know these apps which work fine. Google Camera is my favorite. If it works on your default camera or any other camera app let me know in the comment section.

Hope it was informative and easy to understand , If you have any doubt feel free to ask.