Introduction: Get Fashion-y With Sugru! (Clip-on Snake Earrings)

For those of who do not have ears pierced, here is a cool creative trick!
**Clip-on snake earrings**

Step 1: Soften Your Sugru

Pick your favorite color!
We chose color black to contrast with gold laser-cut decorations that will serve as a pattern of the snake.

Step 2: Roll Out Your Sugru to a Long Line

You are a step closer to an awesome snake shape!

Step 3: Make a Long (horizontal) "z"

These two curves will become parts of the snake body!

Step 4: Bring the Left End to the Diagonal Point!

The left end of the "z" is now a head of the snake.
Bring the head to the right end of the "z".

Step 5: Bring the Tail Up!

Your last step to shape a snake!

Bring the right end of snake to meet the head. The tail and head will meet together

Step 6: *Deco*

Since Sugru's soft texture allows other particles to be attached, we decided to decorate our snakes with gold particles cut out from laser cutter!

You may decorate your snake with beads, cutout color papers, or more Sugru with different colors!

If you don't have cutout particles nearby, get a sharp edge thing such as pencils or pens and make your marks! With a blue snake, I used a needle to create patterns of the snake.

Step 7: Tada!

The head & tail of the snake will lie in front of your ear.