Introduction: Get Ghoulish: Pixlr Tutorial

Halloween is coming and everybody has a little ghoul in them, in this Instructable I will show you how to make your self into a ghoul using only Pixlr, a free online photo editor.

Step 1: Open Photo in Pixlr

Take a scary photo of yourself. It only works if your face is shaded and your background is brightly lit. To do this put your back to your light source. Then go to and open your photo from the “File” menu.

Step 2: Adjust Brightness and Contrast

Adjust the brightness and contrast from the “Adjustment” menu. Increase the brightness until the background is completely white. Then increase the contrast to bring the details back.

Step 3: Adjust Hue and Saturation

Adjust the hue and saturation from the “Adjustment”  menu. Adjust the saturation to 50% and then adjust the hue by sliding the slider to the right. This will give your image a green tint.

Step 4: "Dodge" in the Highlights

Now comes the fun stuff. You’ll be working on the eyes and teeth next.

Select the “Dodge”  tool from the Tool bar on the left.  

At the top of Pixler  you will adjust you brush to the appropriate size for the area you will be working with.

You will need to play around with the range and the exposure setting until you get the desired effect. Each photo is going to be different.

The eyes are first. You will want to lighten the white part of the eye as well as lighten the colored part of the eye.  For this look you can make a dark rim and a dark pupil. you can also remove the colored part of the eye altogether using the "Paintbrush" tool.

Repeat this on the teeth  as well.

You may want to zoom in on the area you are working to ensure accuracy. To do this use the “Zoom In” function in the “Veiw” menu.

Step 5: "Burn" in the Gorey Details

Using the “Burn” tool from the tool bar, darken in around the eyes, the mouth and any other place that you want to simulate gore.

Set the “Range” to shadows and keep the “Exposure” below 10.

You will have to go over the photo several times to get the effect shown here.

This takes practice and patience. Use deliberate strokes and don’t overdo it.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Use the “Color Balance” tool in the “Adjustment” menu to give your photo an eerie green tint. Again you will have to play with the settings to get the desired effect.

This just goes to show that you can get great results using this free editor. 

Go make your own creepy Ghoul face and  post it as a response to this Instruct able.

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