Introduction: Get Into MLB, Started From Pitching!

"Get into MLB, started from pitching!" Is a device base on training baseball skills. This helps players to increase the accuracy of throwing a ball and to lead more people who are interested in baseball could practice on their own. This device uses a bottom to distinguish if the ball is a strike or a ball when LED light twinks it means a strike. I hoped that this device could help complete the dream for many people to getting into MLB, and play baseball better.

Step 1: Materials

  • A computer
  • Arduino board and breadboard*1
  • An Android charger
  • a power bank
  • 4 read LEDs、4 green LEDs
  • 16 wires (male&female)
  • 33 wires (male&male)
  • 7 yellow resistance
  • 1 blue resistance
  • a bottom
  • 30cm Nylon rope
  • 50cm * 50cm paper board (thinker one will be better)
  • a shoe box of US9
  • a box cutter
  • a scissors
  • tape
  • double side tape
  • Hot melt adhesive / super glue

Step 2: Steps

  1. Prepare all the materials, and find a space to work
  2. Dig a hole in the middle of the top shoebox (logo),about 21cm*18cm
  3. To cut the part you cut down into a square 15cm*12cm,both of the shapes have to poke holes and put a thread through to be able to let it become stable(where the ball hits).
  4. Put the bottom in the middle of the square of 15cm*12cm with double side tape.
  5. Cut some cardboard and put it inside the shoe box to stable the all box.
  6. Open the box and make it open for the rest
  7. Cut spaces to 4 sides of the shoe box, 20cm*1.5cm shape(left & right),32cm*1.5cm(front & back, stick paper inside
  8. Open up hoes in the total of 8,which are 3 in the front and back, 1 in left and right
  9. Connect the wires on the breadboard
  10. LED lights to go through the 8 holes, (red and green take turns).
  11. Add codes
  12. Put the power bank into the box and connect to the device.
  13. Use cardboard above the breadboard for protection.
  14. Started using it!

Step 3: Breadboard & Code

Step 4: Finished!