Get More FoV Out of the VR Glasses




Introduction: Get More FoV Out of the VR Glasses

If you have a modern phone with a wider 18:9, or 21:9 display instead of the original 16:9 ratio you may be able to get some more horizontal field of view (FoV) when playing apps in VR. And to take full advantage of the extra FoV your (old) VR headset may need to be modified.


  • A piece of paper (or transparent overhead film)
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Scissors, or a sharp knife
  • Hobby saws
  • A piece of cloth to protect the lenses
  • Gas duster, or compressed air (optional)
  • Widescreen phone with Android 11
  • And a Cardboard VR headset

Step 1: The Old Default Cardboard Stereo View

This is the old, default Cardboard Stereo view where each eye got a slightly rounded image with practically the same width as the height.

Step 2: The New Wider VR Stereo View

Beginning with Android 11, VR apps may use the full display width.

It’s easy to check. Just launch some VR apps to se how much of the display is used. If it still only renders the smaller area, try scanning the QR-code for Cardboard 2.0 to configure the viewer. The QR-code can be found online, for example using this link:

(Search on the page for Google Cardboard 2.0)

Step 3: Check the Headset Opening

The next step is to check so the VR headset is able to view the wider FoV. Some headsets may need some modifications. Like this one.

Use the ruler to measure the total width, and height on the phone. Compare it with the size of the opening in the headset.

The opening of this headset was 125 mm, and the total width of the stereo view on the phone was 138 mm. A difference of 6.5 mm on each side.

Step 4: Make a Cutting Template

Choose a bright scene with a lot of light to make it easier to trace the outline on a paper. Or even better, use a transparent overhead film to make a cutting template.

Meassure the total width, and height to be sure the traced size is right. Then cut out the paper. Try to make both sides of the template symetrical. Either fold the paper in half, or place the first cutout on the other side.

Step 5: Make the Opening Larger in the Headset

Center the template on the headset, and fix it with some tape.

Make sure the cut will not interfere with any vital parts of the headset before cutting. Also check so there will be enough material on the sides to still securely support the phone.

Use a model hand saw, or dremel miniature rotating saw to make the cut.

Important! Protect the lenses with some cloth to avoid scratches.

Step 6: Done :-)

Blow, or use compressed air to clean the headset from sawdust, and wipe the lenses with eyeglasses cleaning cloth.

Step 7: Enjoy

Download some VR apps, for example one of these, to play on your own or with some friends.

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