Introduction: Get Music on Your Verizon Blitz for Free

When I first bought my blitz, I was ecstatic! I could toss all my MP3's on it and not have to lug around an MP3 player ALONG with a cellphone!
I followed the manual's directions and downloaded Verizon's music organizer, and tried connecting my Blitz to the computer. Then I learned, Prepay users cannot use the computer sync to get music on their cell!
Ticked off I fooled around with filenames on the micro SD to get my MP3's to work on my cell(I couldn't find a how-to online).
I found out what works...
Note that you should legally own these MP3's/WAV files, I do NOT endorse music stealing. If you like a band enough to try hunting down illegal files, you should like them enough to buy their CD and rip it onto your computer.

Step 1: Get Yourself Some MP3's

If you have a few CD's go ahead and pop one in your computer and rip it(if you own the CD you can do this)
I used an old Backstreet Boys CD... Don't ask.

Rip the songs you want to your "My Documents" folder.

Step 2: Make the SD File

You will be able to find your SD card with ease. Remember? In the last tutorial you named it.
Anyway,  go in, and click "Create New Folder". Name this folder [my_music] without the brackets.

Step 3: Paste and Voila!

Now just go back to my documents, and cut the MP3's and paste them into the My_Music folder. Safely remove the SD card, and put it in your cell!
Boot up My Music on your Blitz, and rock out to some tunes!