Introduction: Get Ready for Car Jump Start (a Useful Checklist to Keep With the Cables)

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Battery cables saved my day numerous times. Hard to remember the order to connect them (plus, minus, which car?).

This instructable will make you ready for such unexpected events (or to provide help), by having a jump-lead pack consisting of the cables, plus a one-pager with concise instructions.

It will help only in the event that the battery is simply discharged. If the battery or the dynamo is dead, it will not help.

It is assumed that you are familiar with the usage of jump-leads and only need a quick checklist. For more info see

It is the one-pager document in step 2 that is central. The text has been reviewed (in fact, rephrased) by Lemonie.

I take absolutely no responsibility for any consequences of your following this instructable. It does not relieve you from being smart and using your common sense ! In case of doubt, please consult your car's manuals.

Step 1: Buy Cables, Have a Bag

Buy cables preferably with a bag, or find a suitable transparent bag.

The transparent bag will allow you to immediately identify the contents.

Step 2: Add the One-Pager Instructions

  • Print the one-pager instructions (PDF file attached, or DOC if you need to edit it).
  • Fold and staple, insert into bag.

(Should print OK in A4 and Letter, if not, please let me know)

Step 3: Keep It in Your Car