Introduction: Get Ready With Me. Smoldering Smokey Eye

About: i have a youtube channel and love to share my ideas :)

1. For this look I am using the BH Party Girl After Hours. Using a fluffy brush I blend a light beige colour and blend that all over my eye and crease.

2. Then using the dark brown in the palette I blend this into the crease of my eye and the lid. I make sure this is all blended and smooth.

3. Then using the smaller fluffy brush I take the dark brown and blend this on the lower lash.

4. Using the smaller fluffy brush I then take a black and blend this just into the crease of my eye. I then go back in with the bigger fluffy brush and blend this in together.

5. Then you need to go backwards and forwards until you are happy with the colour.

6. Taking the black i blend this into the lower lash line as well.

7. With a flat top brush I apply a white to my brow bone and then blend in using my finger.

8. I then apply some mascara to prep them for lashes.

9. Then using a black eye liner and put this into my waterline.

10. Finally add your favorite lashes.