Introduction: Notified Via SMS,when Your Room Light Turns ON!

i do appreciate their privacy and their own personal things too! , on the other hand for me , they do not!

so i determined to make this awesome project.

whenever anyone turns my room light ON! , i get notified via mobile Buzzer , SMS , Email , and just mobile notify with a line message!

Step 1: Requirements to Get Started

Hardware and components :

1- An Arduino Board+ its cable ( i am using Leaonardo board here )
2- 1sheeld
2- Breadboard
3- some male-male jumpers
4- Photo-Resistor-Sensor ( LDR or photo-cell )
5- 220 KOhm resistance

Software programms needed :

1- The Arduino IDE which you can download here

2- Get the 1sheeld Arduino library and the phone app here

if this your first time to hear about the 1sheeld this may help.

Step 2: Wiring Your Hardware

as shown in the circuits :

1- put the LDR anywhere on your Breadboard pins
2- let one of its ends wired to the A0 pin on the arduino board
3- and the other end of the LDR wire it to the 5v pin on the arduino
4- ground the resistance from an end and wire the other end to the node as shown.

Step 3: Software Preparations :

after installing the arduino IDE, start the setup and make sure to add the file "1sheeld library" to the library folder of the arduino files.

the 1sheeld offers you +40 shields you can use whenever and wherever you want , i have used here 4 shields that notify me in different ways if anyone trun the light on.

so, you find 4 files here, each file has a standalone code that use a certain shield.

1- SMS shield
2- Email shield
3- Buzzer shield
4- notification shield

download the code files to your PC , then upload just one of them to use in your project

don forget to adjust these 2 important buttons , as shown in the picture , one related to the uploading process , you know whether to connect or disconnect it by finishing the get started tutorial related the 1sheeld

the other button is 3.3v or 5v according to the power supplied to your Arduino board you use in your project.

Step 4: Putting Them All Together!

before using the codes , read these final note carefully,

1- SMS shield code

you can edit the code and modify the mobile number to enter yours. and modify the message too which you will receive .

2- Email shield code :

modify it , changing the written mail by yours , and you can change the message you will receive.

3- Notification shield code :

you can modify it to change the number of seconds you need your mobile to vibrate when receiving the notification.

and finally, i hope you do not get confused with any step of the projects steps, and you are welcomed to contact me anytime if there is any problem with you!