Introduction: Get Siri EASLY on Any IOS 5 Device.

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hey there guys!

i am an admin at Custom-Siri so i thought id share it with you guys!

ok. so for this instructable you will need:
an iPhone 3gs, 4 or 4S
or an iPod touch 3g or 4g
an iPad 1 or 2
a computer (not entirely necessary for this if your already jailbroken)

ok, so let me explain the different services we have. we provide 2 different services here,

1) the free service, provided as is. with no support  if you can get connected lucky you. it runs on a unreliable AWS server. it is not "true" siri but however a google speech server, that takes what you say and sends it to googles servers for speech to text conversion and sends it back to your iPhone with any data you requested. its also not very accurate.

The free service has the following commands:

Whats the weather?



whats the time?

whats the time in ...?

thats about it for the free servers commands... its pretty simple and a little harder to set up than the premium service.

2) the BEST of the BEST in siri proxys! its "real" siri, sent to apples servers and will do ALL a 4s can do and more!

it only costs $4 for 3 months and setup is easy as pie!

this service also includes a BACKUP google API server for when apples servers are down or when other problems arise, so youll have Siri even when the 4S's dont!

we like to be Custom here at Custom-Siri so we have a few plugins that do things only YOU guys can access! offical 4S's cant even do these! 
a list of our current plugins:

Heads or Tails
and Punchfork.

we also have a few CUSTOM built plugins for individual people!

so how do you access our wonderful service? Follow the steps!

Step 1: Jailbreaking...

now, i will try and keep this short and simple.

your device will need to be jailbroken to do this. you will have to be on iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1

for iPhones 3gs, 4 or iPod touch 3g, 4g or iPad 1 you will need to use redsn0w.

Links to the latest ver on redsn0w:    redsn0w 0.9.10b6b for OS Xredsn0w 0.9.10b6 for Windows

for iPhone 4s and iPad 2 you will need Absinthe.

Links:    Mac: Download        Windows: Download     Linux: Download

not sure about jailbreaking? why now watch this AWESOME video?

Step 2: Add Our Repo, Install and Set Up!

ok so when your jailbroken and have cydia on your homescreen tap it. let it do its thing for a bit.

when its finished tap manage -> sources  then in the top right corner tap edit then add and type in:

then tap add source. let it do its thing.

then tap Custom-Siri Repo

then Custom-Siri EasyInstall -> install in the top right corner.

this may take a wile so set it down and go get a cup of tea or something...

when its done close cydia and there will be 2 new icons on your homescreen (if theres not respring)

first tap CertInstall this will take you to safari. that next -> install

then when thats done close safari and tap on iFixSiri it will respring your device.

then go to Settings -> General -> Siri then flip the switch to turn it on.  before you close setting make sure you have YOUR contact set up under My Info

once thats done close settings.

Step 3: Get Activated!

now if you try to use Siri now it wont work, this is becuse your not activated. if you buy our premium service you will receive an email with a username and password. go to to activate your device. 

if you have any issues dont be afraid to contact us by:

our twitter: @customsiri or @snipeish or @Nahum365
iMessage: or

remember we are people so we DO sleep...

if you would like to try out the free service see the next step...

Step 4: Free Service...

now setting up the free service is a little bit trickier but never the less i will go on!

ok so you will need to install another certificate on your device to use the free service. go here to do this:

nce you've done that go to settings and scroll down to spire tap it. then in the box that currently says change it too once you've done this exit out and tap iFixSiri.

try to use siri. if it works good for you if it dosent contact us and we will se what we can do...

Step 5: Your Done!

we hope you enjoy siri on your older device!

if you need ANY help or have ANY questions please dont hesitate to contact us at:

our twitter: @customsiri or @snipeish or @Nahum365
iMessage: or
or email:

Thanks for looking!