Introduction: Get Started With 0.5" OLED Display

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Did you ever needed a very small screen for a project but the only thing that you find are the 16x2 LCD display's?

Now the offer is much bigger, and they came in all sizes. DFRobot send me the SPI/I2C Monochrome 60x32 0.5" OLED Display for Arduino for my next project.

Step 1: Components

In the package you will get:

- 0.5" OLED display

- OLED Driver board

- 2x Female headers

Step 2: Schematic


Driver PCB >>> Arduino UNO

Data In >>> Digital Pin 8

Clock >>> Digital Pin 9

A0 (Register Select) >>> Digital Pin 10

CS (Chip Select) >>> Digital Pin 11

Reset >>> Digital Pin 12

3.3V (pin 7) >>> 3.3V

GND (pin 9) >>> GND

Step 3: Code

Install the U8glib library in your Arduino Library folder.

Go to DFRobot wiki page.

Copy the sample code and paste it in your Arduino IDE. Upload it.

Step 4: Conclusion

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