Introduction: Get Better Gifts With a Online Wish List

A big event is coming up and your family and friends are starting to ask you what gifts you wish for. The old way would be to say different things that you come up with to different people or let everybody get the same list via phone and then hope that they understood right and then phone each other so they don't buy the same things.

The modern aproach would be to use a online wish list tool instead. One that lets you describe your wishes and stores them safely and then show it to those you want to. And lets the buyers collaborate by reserving items and comment them. But not spoiling the surprise by showing their collaboration to you. You should be able to invite people the way you want. Via email, Twitter, Facebook a blog or other.

There are many web apps for this, varying in quality and functionality. Basic requirements should include the ability to create custom wishes, then invite friends and let them reserve and comment the wishes without the wisher seeing it. We are going to use for this guide.

Step 1: Sign in With Facebook or Other

If you have an existing Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Open Id account you can simply sign in with that. Or sign up on with your email and password.

Step 2: Name Your Wish List

Name your wish list and optionally give it a description.

Step 3: Ad Your Wishes One by One

Ad each with a header and a description. You can mix description text and links to suggested stores or other. Ask yourself what they need to know in order for it to be what you want.

Step 4: Change or Delete Wishes

If you want to change a wish or delete one, simply click that link below the wish. Remember, you can change and update your wish list anytime, even after you have invited people to see it.

Step 5: Press the Invite to Wish List Link and Manage the Invitations

There are two basic techniques you can use, mixed or one by one. The first is invitation by email. Add every email address you want to send the invitation to, type a message and then send. Everyone will receive your message with a custom link to your wish list. Their identity is stored in the link itself so they does not need to register on the site to be able to comment and reserve wishes.

The second technique is to enable the public direct link. When you check the public direct link box, a link appears bellow. Take that link and spread it how you want it, on Facebook, Twitter, on a blog or other. People following that link will see your wish list but they cant reserve or comment wishes until they have logged in (see first step). This prevents trolling (unknown typing nonsense and worse in comments).

Step 6: You Are Ready

Sit back, keep your fingers crossed and hope that your friends and family stick to your wish list instead of giving you knitted socks and books you already have :)