Introduction: Get-me-out

This is my first try at this so bear with me.

I made this puzzle several years ago, copied from a small plastic puzzle that was given to me about 60 years ago. You have 10 tiles and a box with a slot in it to allow the 4x4 to slip out thence the name Get-me-out.

The tile are as follows;

4 1x1

5 1x2

1 2x2 that is thin enough to fit through the slot.

1 frame that is this is 5x4 with the slot cut in the middle to accommodate the thinner 2x2.

No measurements are given because hey can be what ever you want. In my case the 1=29mm. or close to 1 1/8" which make for a nice sized puzzle.

This can be a very frustrating puzzle and can absorbing amounting bit of time. That pesky horizontal 1x2 wants you to throw it away or at least cut it in half.

I made this version from oak 1x1, cherry 1x2 mahogany 2x2 and same for the box.