Introduction: Get That Last Load From a Bottle of Detergent!

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I've always thought that a bottle of liquid laundry detergent was poorly designed. Sure it has a handle, and a pour spout, and the convenient cap that doubles as a measure for the soap.
All good features.

The problem is the integrated pour spout.

It keeps you from getting that last bit of soap out of the bottle.

I decided to find out how much and I was amazed that it was equal to the amount needed for a typical "large" load of laundry. (As indicated on the back of the bottle)

Hence this instuctable. It shows you how to get every load you paid for.

Step 1: "V" for Victory.

At the base of the spout, on the side opposite from the handle, cut an upside-down "V" in the bottle with a utility knife. The "legs" of the "V" should be about a half-inch long. My example is a little bigger than that, which is fine.

The pointy part should point toward the top of the bottle.

Now pry out the center of the notch you created.

Step 2: Free the Hostage!

Pour the trapped soap into the cap from the spout you just created.

Step 3: Voila, That Last Load!

Now you can poke the plastic notch back into the bottle and recycle it.

With practice, this process only takes a few seconds. I keep a folding utility knife in the laundry room for this.