Get the Drift: Tuning the Bandsaw for Ripping Wood With a Fence.

Introduction: Get the Drift: Tuning the Bandsaw for Ripping Wood With a Fence.

About: I am an artist and designer located in Alameda California.

It is common for woodworkers to think of the table saw as the "heart of the shop". I believe that when when tuned and used properly, the bandsaw is an accurate, efficient and safe machine for freehand cuts as well as ripping with a fence. My machine is a restored 1950's era Yates b30.

Step 1: All Woodworking Operations Create Dust Noise and Debris. Use Proper Respirators, Safety Glasses and Ear Protection.

Step 2: Square the Table to the Blade and Perform Necessary Roller Guide Adjustments.

Step 3: Bandsaw Blades Are Always Different. to Rip Wood Properly the Fence Must Be Parallel With the Natural Feed Angle of the Blade.

Draw a straight line on a straight piece of scrap wood the width of the desired rip. Freehand rip following the line on the board halfway through. Clamp the fence to the piece following exactly to the parallel line. It is helpful to mark the position of the piece with a sharpie directly on the bed of the bandsaw.

Step 4: Continue to Rip the Scrap Piece. If the Wood Tracks Properly Then the Adjustment Is Correct.

Step 5: For This Example of Bandsaw Ripping I Am Cutting Previously CNC'd Vessel Forms From Port Orford Cedar Glued to a Spoil Board.

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    5 years ago

    Chris, take a look at the YouTube video by Alex Snodgrass (yes, that' his name, LOL) from Carter products. You will find that by aligning the bottom of the gullet of the blade on the center of the wheel the "drift" becomes negligible if at all. He also goes into detail on setting up the rest of the unit. I've got the Jet 14" DeluxPro and use it for everything from bandsaw boxes to re-sawing.

    I do envy your huge table and deep neck! A beautiful restoration! It will probably out live this whole generation. They knew how to make them back then. Not the toss and replace that they make today.

    Stay the course!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I really need to get a band saw. It is one of the only tools that my workshop is missing. There are so many projects that I want to make with one.