Get Your Drink On, Safely. the Altoids Designated Driver.

Introduction: Get Your Drink On, Safely. the Altoids Designated Driver.

This is a kit to carry with you when you go out drinking and do not have a designated driver. You may not feel comfortable putting in all this info so you might want to consider 24 hour invisible ink or something, haha. Think of it as the same as your ID you would not want to lose that with your name and address etc so you will want to protect this in the same way. You will need:
An empty Altoids container, a mini or small will work as well.
A sheet with your address, name if needed like for building entry etc. and a polite request to take you home, especially if you are less nice when drinking.
A phone number sheet of various cab companies. You should call around before you go out to get a general idea of how much money you will need to arrive home safely and still providing a tip for the cab driver.
A phone number sheet of friends or relatives, not with you, who might be able to come get you if something should happen to your cash.
Cash, the amount will vary greatly depending on where you live, again this is why it would be a good idea to call around before going out.
A hair band, there are two reasons for this, one if you have long hair there are obvious reasons to have a hair band if you have had too much to drink, also it will distinguish this Altoids container from any other you may carry with you.
You should also write a message to yourself on the outside of the tin using either duct tape and a marker or a plain white sticker. Appropriate messages could include: Don't do it if I wouldn't do it, this is good advice because drunk you this very differently than sober you and there are all kinds of unfortunate things that could be avoided with this simple message. Another appropriate message may be: Don't have more drinks than you can count, or only have two, etc. Or: Do NOT call our ex no matter how much it seems to make sense right now. Or Have two glasses of water before going to bed.
You can also throw in some gum or wrap a few altoids in plastic wrap. This will be nice for the cab driver or other person who comes and gets you.
And some chapstick if using the original sized container.

Step 1: Assembly

This part is super easy. If using paper or plain white sticker cut to the size of your tin. Now write the information as discussed in step one and place the phone number sheets inside the tin. Your address info should go in the top of the lid and you should have the cab money attached to this so that you can simply hand this to the cabbie to return home safely. Cab phone numbers and your backup call sheet can go in the bottom of the tin. Mints, gum, etc can go inside now along with chapstick if you like and are using the original sized tin. Now flip it over and whether using a blank white sticker or a plain piece of paper cut to size or duct tape etc this is the time to write your message. Write your message and secure it to the outside bottom of the tin. If plain white paper then use scotch tape in strips neatly and cover it completely so that it cannot become unreadable when it gets wet, and it likely will. Now put the hair band around it, not to keep it closed but for quick recognition when digging around in your purse or a  pocket etc.

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