Get Your Nails Done, Without Help!

Introduction: Get Your Nails Done, Without Help!

Have you ever been caught by the dilemma of doing your own nails, on both hands?! Unless your an ambidextrous or you're a manicurist by profession, you will find this task challenging (and messy). This instructable aims to make the task of painting our nails easy to do for ourselves and let's us save money on going to a professional.

Here's what you need:
Non-permanent marker/s, your choice of color/s. (I will be using Kure Color cause I have so much of it
Clear nail polish
Cotton buds

Step 1:
Get your marker and start painting your nails with it. At this point, you don't need to be too neat so if you made stray lines (especially on your non-dominant hand) that's fine! What's important is to cover all of your nails with color.

Step 2:
Now, get your colorless nail polish. This time it's better to be neat (but don't kill yourself if you made a mess, those can still be fixed).

Step 3:
We're almost done! I know you made a mess in step 1 (so did I) so get your acetone and cotton buds. Remove the stray color off your fingers using the cotton buds with acetone. Do this until you get all the stray colors off on both of your hands.

Step 4:
If you don't have acetone and cotton buds on hand, that's okey too. Just let the colorless nail polish on your nails to dry first. When it's completely dry just wash your hands with a regular soap and water until the stray colors are gone!

Step 5:
If you did step 3, the next thing to do is to let your nails dry completely.

Enjoy your newly revamped nails!:D

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