Getting a New Room

Introduction: Getting a New Room

I am getting my own room and I am going to show u the process of me getting my own room i will show u how I did it and how to do it like my parents said its a long working process but it all comes together in the end so anyway let's get started

Step 1: Getting Started

I picked out my paint first. of course u don't have to paint anything but I did

Step 2: Moving Stuff and Painting

The next thing I did was take everything out of the room I am moving into then I started with one wall and painted it I painted 2 coats of my paint because it was a light color over a purple u might want to mix the primer into ur paint it u need primer

Step 3: Moving Into Ur New Room

Before I moved into the new room I painted my dressers and my desk and my headboard I didn't have any pics of that or any pics of my new room so I can't show u any now but I moving in after ALL the painting

Step 4: Getting Organized and Cleaning

Once u moved all the furniture u can move all of ur other stuff into ur new room! I had a great time making this instructable hope u have a great time in ur new room bye

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    7 years ago

    Hope u guys enjoyed my new room

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