Introduction: Getting NES Roms on a Jailbroken IPhone/iPod Touch Without a Computer (Wi-Fi Is Needed).

This guide will give you a way to download 69 roms onto your iPhone/iPod touch! Version 2.0+ is needed.

Step 1: Step One: Downloading NES

First, you will need to go into the Cydia installer application. After it loads up, go to search and type in this: NES. Very simple. Scroll down to the "N's" and click on NES. Install it. The icon will look like the one in the top right corner of the picture.

Step 2: Step Two: Adding the Source.

To get the roms, you will need to add another source to Cydia. To do this, go to the manage tab in Cydia, then click sources. Click edit at the top right, then click add at the top left. Type in (the http:// will already be there). Then click add source. Your sources should now have an entered by user section and a source that is called 4pp13 Team Repository.

Step 3: Step 3: Downloading the Roms.

We're almost there! Click on the new source we added. Scroll down to the bottom of all of the apps and click on NES ROMs Package 1. Install it. VERY SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: This will take a while for them to install and make sure you have atleast 1/2 GB of memory!!! After its done, exit Cydia and open the NES app. You should have 69 games :D.

Step 4: Extra

You may choose to go back into the source and download all of the GBA and genesis games. This will takke quite a while, and will take up about 2 GB of memory. I hope my guide helped you!