Introduction: Getting OpenFrameworks 0.8.0 to Work on Windows

This Instructable covers how to install a copy of OpenFrameworks onto a personal machine

Step 1: Download and Extract OpenFrameworks 0.8.0

Go to the OpenFrameworks site and go to the downloads section, then click on the download for Windows: Visual Studio. Extract this download into C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) depending on your machine.

Step 2: Fire Up Visual Studio 2012 (Any Version Above Express)

Fire up visual studio 2012, which can be downloaded here if necessary.
Then, click File > Open > Project/Solution or press <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<O>.
Finally, navigate to the path C:\Program Files\of_v0.8.0_vs_release\examples\empty\emptyExample and select emptyExample.sln

Step 3:

Compile the emptyExample without changing anything. Then copy the emptyExample and name it what you wish. Remember to keep the copy in the same directory as the EmptyExample Project. Finally, you are free to modify the testApp.cpp and Main.cpp files to your hearts content.