Introduction: Getting Ready for Horse Riding!

Hey everyone, this is my instructable on how to get your horse, and yourself ready to ride!

Step 1: Getting Yourself Ready

To get yourself ready for horse riding you need to make sure that you have the right attire.

You need a couple of things to be totally ready for horse riding.

The things that you will need to be ready are:

1. Horse Riding trousers

2. Horse Riding Socks

If you don't want to buy horse riding socks make sure to wear thick socks or you can wear two pairs of socks

3. Helmet

4.Body Protector (optional) - recommended

5. Whip (optional)

Step 2: Getting Your Horse Clean

To get your horse clean you will need several brushes... will need...

1. A Curry Comb

2. Hard Brush

3. Soft Brush

4. Hoof Pick

5. Mane Brush

Step 3: Using the Curry Comb

First you should use the curry comb.

The curry comb makes sure all the dirt is loose from the coat of the horse.

Using the curry comb you should brush in circular motions.

Step 4: Using the Hard Brush

Second you should use the hard brush.

The hard brush makes sure all the dirt is removed from the coat of the horse.

Using the hard brush you should make sure to brush the way the hairs go (from the front to the back).

*Do not clean the legs, face, or stomach of the horse with this brush!

Step 5: Using the Soft Brush

After using the hard brush you should use the soft brush.

The soft brush makes sure all the final dirt is removed from coat the of the horse. Also you can brush the dirt off of the sensitive places (e.g. the legs, stomach and face)

Using the soft brush you should make sure to brush the way the hairs go (from the front to the back).

Step 6: Using the Hoof Pick

Then you should use the hoof pick.

The hoof pick takes all of the dirt out of the hoof.

Using the hoof pick you must make sure not to use the pick on some specific parts of the hoof shown in red on the picture.

*To pick the hoof up lean against the shoulder of the horse! Also make sure not to bend your knees in case the horse gets scared or makes sudden movement!

Step 7: Using the Mane Brush

Last you should use the mane brush to brush the manes and the tail.

When brushing the tail make sure not to stand behind the horse but beside the horse to reduce the chance of getting kicked

*This is not always necessary just do it once in a while to make sure the horse's hairs are not too tied up and healthy

Step 8: Saddling Your Horse

When saddling the horse make sure you have everything you need before starting this including

1. The saddle

2. The Bridle

Also make sure to have all of your belongings (helmet, whip (if necessary), body protector (optional))

Step 9: Putting on the Saddle

For putting on the saddle you need to...

1. Put on the saddle (make sure it is forward enough)

*A tip for knowing it is forward enough look at the straps and make sure they are right behind the front legs of the horse

3. Put the girth through the loop and fasten them with the straps

4. If you have a extra part for the saddle like me then you should put the loop through the girth and then continue with the next step

5. Then go to the other side and do the same (make sure you can put a hand in between the girth and the horse)

*ALWAYS saddle from the left side

Step 10: Putting on the Bridle

When putting on the bridle you have to...

1. Put the reins over the head

2. stand on the left side and with your right hand hold the nose down and with your left hand hold the bridle

3. Put the bit in the horses mouth (if you have trouble put a finger in the back of the mouth since they don't have teeth there so the horse opens his/her mouth)

4. Put the crown over the ears of the horse

5. fasten the throat latch (should be able to put a fist in between the throat latch and the horse)

6.Fasten the noseband *depending on the type of bridle put it underneath or over the bit (should be able to put two fingers in between the noseband and the horse)

Now you are ready to go!!

Step 11: You Are Ready to Go!!!!

Now you can go riding because you are ready with cleaning your horse, and saddling your horse!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

A video is attached if you want to see it!