Introduction: Getting Started: IFC6410+

The Inforce Computing IFC6410+ uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor to power Android 4.4 KitKat or Ubuntu Linux.

This powerful DevBoard is fun to use and is a great way to rapidly prototype an app.

Step 1: Connect to a Local Network

- Connect the IFC6410+ board to a router via ethernet.

- Navigate to the router admin page and find the IP of the IFC6410+.

- This should be listed under linaro-gnome

Step 2: SSH Into IFC6410+

- In a Terminal Shell, SSH into the board. The default root is "linaro", and the password is "linaro".

$ ssh linaro@IP-OF-THE-BOARD

- When prompted, type "linaro" for the password.

Step 3: Setting Up the Network

- The IFC6410+ has on-board WiFi but is turned off by default. Now we will turn on wlan0.

- Install a network command line client:

$ sudo apt-get install connman

- Enter the command line client and run some network configurations:

$ connmanctl
$ enable wifi
$ scan wifi
$ services

- The scan wifi command will find discoverable SSIDs and the services command will list them. Each SSID has an associated ID next to it. This is what you will enter to connect to a network.

$ agent on
$ exit

- Check that your connection is active:

$ ip addr show dev wlan0

- You should see networking information and the board's IP - you're now connected to WiFi!


Step 4: Creating a Web Server

Next we'll set up Apache HTTP Web Server. Thanks to Ubuntu's apt-get packages, it's extremely simple!

$ sudo apt-get install apache2 -y

Navigate to the IP of the IFC6410+ in a browser. You should see the Apache Default Page!