Introduction: Getting Started With AVR JTAGICE Clone.

Hello Everyone,

This Instructable is a guide for all of of you who have bought their new "Jtag ice clones" .

I request you friends to read it carefully before you do anything, as missing steps won't help you.

Step 1: First SetUp !

The requirements

1. Your Jtag ICE Compatible debugger,

2. Atmel Studio 4.17 (You can download from Here , I tried a lot of version but only this one worked for me),

3. An AVR Microcontroller (only ATmega128, ATmega128L, ATmega16, ATmega162, ATmega162V, ATmega165, ATmega165V, ATmega169, ATmega169V, ATmega16L, ATmega32, ATmega323, ATmega323L, ATmega32L, ATmega64, ATmega64L are compatible with the jtag version mk1).

4. A JTAG interface on your ic ECB (So as to make it easier to connect).

Step 2: Starting Your Setup

startup your atmel studio(formally avrstudio)

connect up all the frc cables and other setup as in the picture

Step 3: CLIMAX!!

as the name says , it's the most important step

after connecting your jtag to microcontroller

you have to choose "avrprog" in the tools menu.


do you know that jtagice has a complicated system known as "blinking time" , which last about 6 - 7 seconds after plugging in the usb slot, during the blinking time both the led's of jtagice blinks simultaneously it's the most important time for us at the moment


now you have to do the procedure as follows

1.plug in the jtag ice in usb slot and after the blinking time ends and drivers etc are installed, the pc will assign a com port to the jtag(you can get the drivers from the manufacturers website )

2 . check the com port in device manager and correct it to a com port between 1-4 .

3.after correcting the com port plug out jtagice

4. now reinsert the jtagice and during the blinking time click on the "avrprog " in atmel studio or else the error no supported device found will be displayed

after doing so a popup window will open(as in pictures ) , in the hex file submenu click browse and browse for file "upgrade.ebn" in root address "C:\Program Files\Atmel\AVR Tools\JTAGICE "

5. after selecting the upgrade file , disconnect microcontroller(if you had connected before) from jtagice

6.after disconnecting, upload the file using program button followed by verify button under flash sub tab

7 Now you have updated your device

8. close atmel studio and disconnect jtag from usb slot

9. now plug in jtag and after blinking time ends start atmel studio

10. connect the jtag through connect button

11. if it connects and a window popups like in pictures , you've done it


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