Introduction: Getting Started With ESP32 | Installing ESP32 Boards in Arduino IDE | ESP32 Blink Code

In this instructables we will see how to start working with esp32 and how to install esp32 boards into Arduino IDE and we will program esp 32 to run blink code using arduino ide.


You will need a ESP 32 :

And a cable for Programming it .

Step 1: Get a ESP32 & Get Arduino IDE

So the very first & basic requirement is to buy a ESP32 development board any esp32 board you can get.
Well this one here is ESP32 PICO BAORD :

but i am gonna use my esp32-wemos lolin 32 BAORD

And make sure you have arduino ide , if not visit and download the latest arduino ide and install it in your pc.

Step 2: Time to Install Esp32 Boards in Your Arduino IDE

Open Arduino IDE and then go to file & then go to preferences and then in additional boards url , put a url ( use a comma as a separation if if you already have any url there ) :
And click on OK.
then go to tools, boards and boards manager and wait for window to load.
Then search there for ESP 32 as shown in images and click on the search results and then click on install to install the esp32 boards in your arduino ide. Please refer images to understand the process and you will successfully install your esp32 boards in your arduino ide.

Step 3: Select Your Baord & Upload the Code : Final Step

So after installing boards in your Arduino IDE then go to tools> boards and select your board as mine is ESP32 WEMOS LOLIN board , you could ESP32 PICO board or ESP32 wrover module, refer the site from where you bought they will mention the board name so select the baord and select the COM port of your board and go to files > examples > basics > blink and upload th code to your esp32 board and if everything is correct then your onboard led of your esp32 will blink as mine is in images.

Make your own code from now on and upload to esp32 as you do with arduino's, have fun with esp32.