Introduction: Getting Started With Eclipse

Follow the instructions provided below in order to successfully download and install Eclipse.

These instructions can only be used if you are using a Windows computer. These instructions will guide you through installing and downloading programs with Google Chrome, but you may use any browser of your choosing.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Accept the user agreement as shown in attached picture.

Step 3:

Download the file for your operating system as shown in the picture. Get the .exe version.

Step 4:

After the the file is downloaded you will need to run the executable.

You will be prompted to install it like you would any other program.

Press next through all of the prompts until the installation begins.

When the installation is finished close out of the window, and then you are ready to move onto downloading and installing Eclipse.

Step 5: How to Download Eclipse

When using a Windows computer, please click on the orange Download 64 bit button that is accessible from this download link.

If you are having issues accessing the link, the URL for the download page is:

Step 6:

You will then be redirected to a new page.

Click on the orange download button shown above.

Step 7:

A download prompt should then pop up (this will vary based on the browser you are currently using).

You may need to first save the file and then open the executable file once it finishes downloading.

If you are downloading the file from Google Chrome, I have shown above how to open the file. On the bottom bar, click on the drop down arrow. Then you may choose open.

Step 8: Installing Eclipse

After a short amount of time, the Eclipse Installer window will open up. There are multiple different versions of Eclipse that can be used for different languages. Since we downloaded the Java Development Kit we will be using the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Click on that entry.

Step 9:

Choose where you would like Eclipse to install to.

If you're unsure, you may leave the installation folder as default.

Step 10:

Click on the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement on the top left. Then you may click accept.

Step 11:

Click on the check box listed for Eclipse Foundation's certificate and click Accept Selected.

Finally, you will just need to click launch on the next step in order to complete Eclipse's installation.