Introduction: Getting Started With Flame Sensor With Arduino Uno

Hi Guys in this instructables we will learn how to use Flame sensor with Arduino. So basically flame sensor is a sensor which can detect fire/ flame in any place so this project could be a easy & helpful Project which can help to avoid fire in any place.

Step 1: Things You Need

For this instructables you will need following things :

Arduino Uno (any Arduino board can be used)
Flame sensor
Jumper wires

Step 2: Connections

The Connections for this small project is very easy please refer the shown schmatics in image.

Step 3: Code

Please copy the following code and Upload it to arduino :
/* In this part of the code we are going to define pins for Flame sensor, LED and buzzer which are connected to Arduino. Flame sensor is connected to digital pin 4 of Arduino. Buzzer is connected to digital pin 8 of Arduino. LED is connected to digital pin 7 of Arduino.
Variable “flame_detected” is used for storing the digital value read out from flame sensor. */
int buzzer = 8;
int LED = 7;
int flame_sensor = 4;
int flame_detected;

/* In this part of the code, we are going to set the status of digital pins of Arduino and configure */
void setup()
pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT);
pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);
pinMode(flame_sensor, INPUT);

void loop()
/* This line of code reads the digital output from flame sensor and stores it in the variable “flame_detected”. */
flame_detected = digitalRead(flame_sensor);

/* Based on the value stored in “flame_detected”, we have to turn on the buzzer and LED. In this part of the code, we compare the value stored in “flame_detected” with 0 or 1.
If its equal to 1, it indicates that flame has been detected. We have to turn on buzzer and LED and then display an alert message in Serial monitor of Arduino IDE.
If its equal to 0, then it indicates that no flame has been detected so we have to turn off LED and buzzer. This process is repeated every second to identify the presence of fire or flame. */

if (flame_detected == 1)
Serial.println("Flame detected...! take action immediately.");
digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH);
digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);
digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
Serial.println("No flame detected. stay cool");
digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW);
digitalWrite(LED, LOW);

Step 4: Final Test

So as you can see after uploading the code whenever sensor will detect a fire the Led Will light up and buzzer will start making sound to alert you from fire.