Introduction: Getting Started With Flipboard

This short tutorial is designed to help get you started with the Flipboard mobile app. This is merely introductory as there are many customizable features to Flipboard. Once you complete this tutorial you will have the basic knowledge of Flipboard and what it can do. Happy Flipping.

Step 1: Download Flipboard

Go to your app store and download Flipboard

Step 2: Log in

Hit the "Log In" button on the top right of the app.

Step 3: Create Your Account

Sign in using an existing account or create a unique log in for Flipboard.

Step 4: Choose Your Interests

Scroll through a large variety of interests and select anything that you are interested in. You must select 3 minimum to continue with the setup process.

Step 5: Home Page

Now that you are in the app lets explore the features. Flipboard has a bottom menu design. The home page is Where you will find customized content based on your interests that you selected in the previous step. The collection flips upwards in a satisfying full flip almost like a book. Simply touch on an article to open it fully.

Step 6: Following

The Following icon is the four-grid icon on the bottom menu. Here you can follow particular trends within your interests that you previously selected. You can also sign into any of your existing social media accounts which will be streamed in the unique Flipboard format.

Step 7: Explore

The Explore feature is a powerful search tool that allows you to search for any content that you desire and follow particular trends that interest you. It is here that you can add interests to your custom profile so that Flipboard can create more customizable content.

Step 8: Notifications

The Notification menu option allows you to customize your notification options.

Step 9: Profile

Visit the Profile option to add a custom bio, photo, or create a custom magazine. Magazines are a collection of all articles that you want to revisit or share with others later on.

That's it. Welcome to the world of Flipboard.