Getting Started With the MIG Welder

Introduction: Getting Started With the MIG Welder

About: Autodesk Technology Center San Francisco is a hub for research, development, and demonstration of new manufacturing technologies and workflows relating to configurable microfactories.

Step 1: Approved Materials for the MIG Welder

Allowed Materials

  • Mild steel

Banned Materials

  • Painted or plated materials
    • All coatings must be 100% removed by grinding before being welded.
  • Galvanized metal.

If at Pier 9, see Shop Staff first before using these materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

If you are working from another studio or workshop, refer to the tool's instruction manual to see if your desired material is suitable for tool use.

Step 2: Safety

Our most important safety callouts are highlighted in yellow throughout this course.

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