Getting Started With the Objet Connex 500 3D Printer

Introduction: Getting Started With the Objet Connex 500 3D Printer

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Step 1: Approved Materials for the Objet Connex 500

Allowed Materials

  • Only materials approved and
    loaded by Shop Staff.

  • See page 6 for details.

If you are working Pier 9, materials can only be approved and loaded by shop staff.

If you are working from another studio or workshop, refer to the tool's instruction manual to see if your desired material is suitable for tool use.

Step 2: Safety

Our most important safety callouts are highlighted in yellow throughout this course.

Step 3: Machine Overview

The Objet Connex 500 3D printer can build 3D models in various materials. The models can be up to 19.7"(500mm) x 15.7" (400mm) x 7.9" (200mm). The printer works by spraying tiny droplets of liquid resin, which is rolled flat and cured with UV light.

The printer holds 2 cartridges of Model Material, and two of Support Material. The model can be built from a single material or a mix of two materials if different cartridges are loaded.

3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing. This style of 3D printing is called Polyjet printing.

To make a model, first create an .STL file in a program like Fusion 360. Open the .STL file with the Object Studio software and prepare it for printing. After printing, the model will need to be cleaned.

Step 4: Steps for Successful Use

To make a 3D part, you need to complete each step in order.

  1. Prepare the model.
  2. Select a printer.
  3. Insert (open) the model.
  4. Set printing options.
  5. Send the tray to the Job Manager.
  6. Check the Job Manager.
  7. Bring the printer online.
  8. Record the resin usage.
  9. Clean the machine.
  10. Clean the 3D part.

Step 5: Prepare the Model

Find or create an .STL file.

The surface of the 3D model will be made of a mesh of small geometric bodies. The finer the mesh, the more detail will appear in the printed model. A finer mesh will also make a larger file. Files over 150 MB may crash the Objet Studio software.

It is critical that your 3D model is closed or watertight. Use the validation procedure in Objet Studio to ensure that your model is closed. If it isn't, use a mesh editing program like Netfabb or Meshmixer to fix the problem.

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