Introduction: Getting Started With the WeMos ESP8266

In this instructable, we are going to run the blinking Led example on the WeMos ESP8266

Step 1: Requirements

1.Esp 8266

2. USB cable

Step 2: Update Driver on Device Manager

Once you've plugged in, open device manager from the start menu and on the other devices select the USB device with a warning tag (yellow) right-click it and select update driver.

Step 3: Add Board URL to Arduino Preferences Menu

On the Arduino IDE, from the files menu select preferences and edit the additional boards manager URL. you can find the URL on the following URL:

Step 4: Add Support for ESP 8266 on Boards Manager

On the Tools menu select the boards sub-menu and on it select Board manager. Scroll down on the Board manager window select the ESP 8266 and click on install

Step 5: Select Port and Board

Step 6: Upload and Test