Introduction: Getting More Paper Towel From That Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Learn how to get more than just a little bit of paper towel from an automatic paper towel dispenser.
I know that this works on the Georgia Pacific enMotion, but it might work on others too.

Step 1: Things Needed

You will need to be in a bathroom that has an automatic paper towel dispenser
And you will need to be in need of more paper towel than it dispenses

You will also need a hand.

Step 2: Tug on the Paper Towel

This step assumes that you have already waved your hand over the sensor to get paper towel.
The red light should be on.

If you wave your hand over it again, nothing happens.
But if you gently tug on the paper towel, the machine thinks that you ripped the towel off, and the light should blink.

Step 3: Wave Your Hand Again

Wave your hand over the sensor, and the dispenser dispenses more paper towel.

You can go back to step 2 if you want even more paper towel, but you would only be killing more trees.
Also, if the bathroom had a choice between paper towels and a air dryer, just use the air dryer.