Getting Ready for the Spring Garden

Introduction: Getting Ready for the Spring Garden

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It seems that there are as many ways of doing things as there are gardeners.   The prices of greenhouse bedding plants are going through the roof.   I have tried various ways of starting bedding plants with mixed results.   Then a member of our church showed me this and I am passing it onto the world.

Step 1:

Snack or sandwich sized ziplock type bags
Some quality high moisture absorbing plant starter mixture
Box of miracle grow for water plant food
A couple cut down cardboard boxes or covers
A small watering jug.
And of course seeds

Step 2:

The first step is to take the bag and fold the zipper over the outside of the bag.   This insures the bag will stay open.

Step 3:

Take your soil and fill the bag about 2/3 for a snack bag or 1/2 for a sandwich bag.   Toss in 2 seeds and push into soil about .5 inch.

Step 4:

Get your box or cover ready

Step 5:

Stack your finished bags into the box or lid.

Step 6:

Mix up your Miracle Grow into a gallon jug of pure water.   Pour into watering jug.   Put a couple ounces into each bag, do not over water.   A good absorbent soil will wick up any water on the bottom.   The bags keep the water in.  It is a trial how much to add, just follow your instincts.

Step 7:

Ready to go and grow some more in the garden.

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