How to Get Windows 10 ?

Introduction: How to Get Windows 10 ?

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Microsoft has recently announced the next version of its flagship operating system "Windows 10" , although Windows 8 had a lot of drawbacks and was not positively received by many users for reasons like complexity and stability. It is interesting to note that Microsoft has skipped Windows 9 and moved on to Windows 10 , well if you want to know why .... its pretty obvious because 7, 8(ate), 9 :p

Jokes apart .... Microsoft Decided to do away with the number 9 as Windows is going to see a Fundamental Change or Revolution so to say in its new upcoming Operating System Windows10. An important aspect of Windows 10 is it introduces users to a unified interface between two types of systems

1. Desktops and Laptops driven by input devices such as keyboard and mouse.
2. Mobile and Tablet systems driven by touch.

That means that there will be one windows for all from the tiniest sensor to the largest enterprise server of every unimaginable variety.

Windows 10 is said to bridge the gap between Windows 7 (last released stable operating system of windows) and Windows 8. Windows 10 is said to bring back the Famous and the most loved "Start Menu" with a small version of the Windows-8-style Start Screen and its Live Tiles glued onto the side, another interesting feature is Windows 10 now provides multiple desktops in which to launch apps and open files, an obvious nod to Mac OS X. To get there, a new Task View mode is activated by a button on the Taskbar or by swiping in from the left. Eerily like Mac OS X's Mission Control, Task View displays shrunken versions of all running apps across the center of the screen and a row of desktop thumbnails across the bottom (Apple's appear at the top). Clicking on an image brings up that app or desktop. As in Apple's Dock, running apps are highlighted in the Windows 10 Taskbar regardless of which desktop they're running in.

Microsoft during the installation of Windows 10 alerts the installer that some data on the target system will be automatically backed up to the user's free OneDrive account, and that any new documents will be saved there by default, windows 10 features an auto docking feature wherein dragging a window "off the screen" snaps it into full- or half-screen sizes automatically.

Microsoft claims that Win10 will be more focused on the needs of business, including better protections for data and user identity, and simplified development and management options. This includes the elimination of "wipe-and-reload" scenarios using existing management infrastructure, according to a Windows 10 introduction page.

That being said lets dive into the Technical Preview of Windows 8 !!

Important Points to note :

1. Experiment with the following only if you have prior experience in installing operating systems and you are okay with all the risks that are attached to this.
2. This version is just a technical preview by microsoft and is prone to a lot of bugs, basically the preview is for developers and software testers to help microsoft solve the bugs and hence please do not use this for personal use. Use only if you are a developer or you want to experiment what microsoft windows 10 has in store for you.
3. Do not perform the following on your everyday use personal computer/laptop or business machine ... use only on a spare, second hand, secondary or experimental machine.

Not all of us may have a spare, second hand, secondary or experimental machine and frankly speaking we don't have one too anyways to solve this problem we have are going to use a Virtual Machine in this tutorial.

Well if you want to know what is a Virtual Machine ? In computing, a virtual machine (VM) is an emulation of a particular computer system. Virtual machines operate based on the computer architecture and functions of a real or hypothetical computer, and their implementations may involve specialized hardware, software, or a combination of both. ( Courtesy Wikipedia)

Basically Windows 10 will run on a window inside your existing operating system and wont have any adverse effect on your machine. If you face any issues you can simply just delete the VM file and you will be good to go.

Lets begin

Step 1: Install VMWare Player or VMWare Workstation

Visit and either purchase your copy of VMWare Workstation or download your free copy of VMWare Player from HERE. Well the main difference between the two is that workstation provides you with additional advanced features and player is just the basic but for this the VMWare Player will do just fine.

Download and Install the desired software and install using the standard procedure for installing any software.

Step 2: Download Your Copy of Windows 10 Technical Preview

Visit and sign up to download your copy of Windows 10 Tech Preview. Be sure to download in .iso format ( roughly around 2 GB).

Step 3: Setup Windows 10 Installation on VMWare

Open VMWare Workstation or VMWare player as applicable and follow the steps to configure the installation screenshots shown above for your perusal.

Note: We are using VMWorkstation 9 however the process should be similar for both.

1. Launch VMware Workstation 9, from the File menu, select New Virtual Machine. In the 1st step of New Virtual Machine Wizard, select Typical Install. In the next step of the wizard, select Installer disk image file and point to the Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO you just downloaded. Since this Tech Preview version is not supported, it can’t be detected by the wizard. Click Next to proceed.

Step 4: Contd ->

2. Here you can select the operating system, since Windows 8 has the similar Windows kernel as Windows 10 Tech Preview, let’s select it as the operating system. Make sure you select x64 or x86 according to the ISO you downloaded.

Then follow the step to finish the wizard and kick off the installation.
After accepting the Windows 10 Tech Preview EULA, you can select to install the OS with Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Step 5: Installing Windows

3. Make sure to create a new partition with the unallocated disk space (size depending on how much you assigned to the virtual machine), and select this newly created partition to install the OS.

Follow the Windows installer instruction to begin the installation, within a few minutes, your Windows 10 Tech Preview will be ready within VMware Workstation / Player.

Step 6: Install VMWare Tools

4. The last step is to install VMware Tools, so you can do dynamic screen resizing, Unity mode and printing. From VM menu, select Install VMware Tools, and follow the steps to finish the installation.

The majority of functionality works great, but there are a few issues caused by the new mini Start menu and TaskView feature, including:

  1. There is a shade of the mini Start menu once enter into Unity mode
  2. The TaskView rendering is not correct (workaround: using software render)
  3. Bridged network connectivity

Step 7: Go on and Explore Windows 10 :p

Go on and explore the possibilities of Windows 10 and remember to let Microsoft know of any bugs you may come across while exploring :p

Should you have any issues with the VM you can just delete it from your Documents folder in WIndows Library and you will be back to Normal.

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