Introduction: Getting the Most From Your Wood Stove - Better Heat Distribution From Free Untreated Pallet Wood

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All the wood we use for heating our house, cooking our food and heating washing water is free. We collect and then break down untreated pallet wood from various local enterprises. The wood is then graded into usable carpentry wood and firewood, I've included the film I made on this above too. However, even though we do not pay for this fuel, we still want to get the best from it and last year I built a stone 'storage heater' to give us a longer and more efficient heating period in our sitting room. This year I turned my attention to the kitchen and the bedroom above it.

The fan I used was one being thrown out !

The whole project is contained within the film but if you are interested in a written version then I have one on my blog: The Green Lever the direct link to the article is here

This is an on going project, the first step being to get a solution to our cold spot problem. The next stage is to design and create an off-the-grid version.

Hope you find it interesting and useful, we are certainly a lot warmer!!

All the very best,