Introduction: Getting the Most Out of 9 Volt Batteries

Have you ever been in the middle of something and suddenly your batteries run out this instructable is the key to getting the most out of 9 volt batteries. Never throw out 9 volt batteries when they seem to be useless

Step 1: Step 1 (the Ingredients)

For the ingredients in this project all you need is a (some) 9volt batters
A pair of scissors
a flat topped screwdriver

Step 2: Step 2 (Building !)

When you seem to have ran all the power out of your 9volt batteries there are plenty of uses for them so don't throw them out

Take the screwdriver or scissors what ever seems to works the best to pry the coating of the 9volt batteries

Keep prying until four smaller metal cylinders come out of it 

These smaller "batteries" are able to use the rest off the charge but in the form of triple A batteries

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