Ghetto Ice Cream / Sorbet Maker

Introduction: Ghetto Ice Cream / Sorbet Maker

Alright, so It was really hot today, I mean really hot.  Like, I'm a need me some delicious frozen sorbet hot.  But I don't have any sorbet.  And I already have some delicious frozen fruit from down by the caltrain tracks (if you live in the bay area, the caltrain tracks are lined with delicious blackberry bushes. But I have no ice cream machine.  What to do?  So I stripped down to my underwear,  gave it a little thought and came up with this project. 

I used it for sorbet, a recipe with just fruit with a bit of sugar and water.  I think it would be fine without the sugar and water though, or with yogurt or cream added. Anyway, if you have a freezer, a blender, and some produce bags, you can make ghetto (but delicious) sorbet and ice cream too.

Step 1: Materials

All I used was


6 cups of frozen fruit.  I used black berries and nectarines.

1 Cup water

1 cup sugar


thick produce bags or other watertight bags (1 works, but double bagging is recommended)

a blender

a pot

a stove

a measuring cup

a freezer

a bowl

a spoon

Some sort of container for the final product

Step 2: Boil It Up

So you take a cup of water and put it in a pot.  Then you boil it.  Then you add a cup of sugar.  Stir it frequently to avoid burning the sugar. 

Step 3: Pour It In

Put about half the fruit in the blender.  Pour about half the sugar water in over it.

Step 4: Blend It Up

Turn the blender on.  Start slow, but make sure to get up to the highest speed in order to break up the black berry seeds a bit.  But be careful.  The longer you leave it in the blender, the warmer it gets, and the longer it takes to freeze it again.

Step 5: Pour It Out

Pour the contents of the blender into a water tight bag.  Put the bag in a bowl, and put it in the freezer.

Step 6: Repeat

Make sure your sugar water is still hot enough to be liquid. 
Put the rest of the fruit in the blender. 
Pour the rest of the sugar water on top of it. 
Blend it up. 
Pour that into the bag too and close it securely.
Put the bag in the bowl
Put the bowl in the freezer.

Step 7: Creamyfy It

This is the part that makes it ghetto sorbet.
Take the bag out and mush it up
after 3 hours,
after 5 hours,
after 6 hours,
after 6.5 hours,
and after 7 hours.

Step 8: Let It Out of the Bag

When you feel the mixture is ready for the final freeze,
Get your containers ready
Open the bag (or cut off a corner)
and squeeze the mixture into the containers (bag of frosting style)

Step 9: Cap It

Step 10: Enjoy

pull it out of the freezer

eat it with a spoon

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    That looks delicious. Two questions, what happens if you don't mash it at those hour intervals like in your directions, just let it freeze? And, can it be made in a smaller amount? I only have a magic bullet, and no blender. Thanks for this tasty looking treat.


    Reply 6 years ago

    if you don't mash it up, you will end up with a frozen fruit brick. The aim is to stop large ice crystals forming, you want lots of super tiny ice crystals.