Ghetto Suction Cup - IPhone 3GS Repair Tip




Introduction: Ghetto Suction Cup - IPhone 3GS Repair Tip

So, you need to open iPhone and you've managed to get your hands on most of the tools you'll be needing for repairs "under the hood", but for the love of whatever-holly-thing-you-worship you just can't find anything that at least resembles a functionality of an suction cup... or, can you? It doesn't look like a suction cup at first, but few inches of adhesive tape could save you a lot of time/money/nerves. Call it whatever you like; adhesive tape, sticky tape, selotejp, scotch.. you name it, but that's all you need.

First of all make sure to clean a hell out of screen glass - the more cleaner the glass, the better adhesion.

Now just take few stripes of adhesive tape, and make an "T" shape out of them, in a way shown on picture. If you have narrow adhesive tape, you should probably need a few "T" shaped stripes that you'll connect later on, so you can have bigger surface, or just go with one stripe of some wider tape - use whatever you have lying around.

Now you just affix those stripes onto the glass right above the Home button, you firmly grasp the metal sides of iPhone with one hand, and start to pull tape with the other. The smaller (lower) the angle of pulling in relation to the glass, the better the grip.

Glass won't just pop out right after first pull as it would by using suction cup, but after a few metered pulls it'll pop right out.

There you have it - ghetto suction cup.

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    5 years ago

    for me the tape just goes out when i pull ^^


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Genius! This is neat, I like the enginuity used.

    You should have a little note about the screws at the bottom, it's a lot harder to remove the screen when they're not out!