Introduction: GhettoFab Plastic Bag Raincoat

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An easy and useful way to recycle those bags in bags underneath your sink!

Step 1: Step 1: Gather All Different Kinds of Plastic Bags

Items Needed

1. Plastic bags

  • One very large trashbag (Perhaps another as backup)
  • 50+ thin grocery store bags
  • 10+ Thicker retail store plastic bags

2. Scissors

3. Disposable cardboard of various sizes

4. Iron

5. pen or pencil

6. Measuring tape

7. Stapler

8. String

9. Hair Straightener

10. Aluminum Foil

Step 2: Step 2: Creating Patterns and Making Fusion Squares

Pattern: Vest

1. Grab your favorite colored trash bag, fold it in half in a vertical orientation, and cut holes for neck and underarms according to your measurement. Be sure to make the portion with the string/handle on the bottom.

Tip: Underarm cuts should always be larger than you think! Be sure to use an old tank top for reference.

2. You can leave the two segments attached, or separate and fuse later to reinforce. I did the latter.

3. Cut a vertical line straight through the middle of one of the vest shapes for an opening

Pattern: Hood

A large Forever 21 bag or bag of similar quality/size recommended.

1. Cut open the bag at it's vertical seam from one side and the horizontal seam(bottom of the bag) from another. Make sure to cut off any excess plastic so that the bag handles are on the very edge of the open seam.

2. Fold the bag on its remaining seam and using scissors, cut a downward sloping line at a 20 degree angle from the closed to the open seam.

Pattern: Arms

Nordstrom Rack large bags recommended or bags of similar structure.

1. Place the bag flat on a hard surface and cut it down the middle as shown in diagram.

2. Cut the edges of the closed seam side as shown in diagram and according to the measurements of your underarms that were previously used for the vest piece.

Fusion Squares:

1. Cut 3-4 plastic bags of the colors you'd like to use into squares.

2. Cut out two pieces of Aluminum foil each for 12"x12",12" x 6", and 3" x 3". These will help with fusions ranging from iron to hair straightener for the tighter spots.

3. Place 3-4 plastic bags between two sheets of the same sized foil and run your heated iron over it for 3 seconds.

4. Create 2 such fusion sheets that are at least 8" x8" in size. These will help later in reinforcing the outfit

Step 3: Step 3: Reinforcing Using Fusion Squares

1. The fusion squares should be hard yet malleable at this point.

2. Use your scissors to cut four .75" strips, and three 1.5" strips.

3. Use the .75" strips to reinforce the seams of the vest piece under the arm. Place the strip between the two plastic edges. Make sure to have aluminum strips on the seam so that you just cover the fusion area. Fuse with hair straightener for precision.

4. Use the 1.5" strips to reinforce the should pad section and the back collar section.

6. Use any other strips as needed to support.

Step 4: Step 4: Attaching the Hood and Arms

1. Once the body frame is created, it's time to add the limbs and hood!

2. Lay the Hood flat on the back collar on the inside edge (make sure coat is fully open and expanded)

3. Use aluminum foil ironing technique to fuse, Do not fuse the handles to anything.

4. Voila the hood is done!

5. Slide the arm cutouts in each armhole about 1 inch, attached seam and upward slope of cut facing the edges.

6. Staple the arms in place to the best, do not close open seams yet.

7. Turn the jacket inside out and apply hair straightener fusion technique carefully to fuse arms into armhole.

8. Now fuse the open side of the arms by folding .5".

9. Yay! You almost have a raincoat. Now for the finishing touches!

Step 5: Step 5: Finishing Touches!

1. Almost there, fuse the bottom side of the handles on the hood, to front collar using hair straightener.

2. Make tiny holes in the front straps of the raincoat in a location of your choice and sew a knotted string through them. Now you can tie your DIY raincoat both on the top and on the bottom with the trash ties and protect yourself from the rain!

3. Add any personal iron on embellishments you'd like for your very own handmade Ghettofab Raincoat!

Hope that was useful. Enjoy :)