Ghost Hologram



Introduction: Ghost Hologram

This project will allow you to use house hold items to create a homemade projector. This project will allow you to project a Ghost hologram, your favorite TV shoe, "scary movie" all with your smartphone.

Step 1: Getting Started

For this project you will need a 5 house hold materials including:

1.A regular cardboard shoe box

2.A white linen sheet

3.A pair of scissors

4.Scotch tape

5.Magnify glass

Step 2: Building the Projector

-Measure the magnifying glass against one of the smaller sides of the shoe box (see photo above)

-Then cut out a whole the size of the magnifying glass and put the magnifying glass into the hole

-you may need to secure the magnifying glass over the hole with Scotch tape

-Your projection box is now finished!!!

Step 3: Setting Up the Projector

-Place your phone in the box

-You can use one of those phone stands that attach to the back of your phone, in order to stabilize your phone in the box

-You can also lean it against the back wall of the shoe box

-Test the projector in a dark room.

-Move your phone into the right position in the box in order to focus the projection

-Now you can watch your favorite TV shoe using your phone!!!

Step 4: Setting Up the Ghost Hologram

- Attach a white linen sheet in between 2 walls using tape or hooks()

-It should not be right up against a wall.

-IT is best too attach it to opposite walls in a hallway or relatively small rooms.

-This will allow you to place the projector behind the sheet

-You can also attach it to chairs,or in a door way.

-People will be a able to see the "Spooky ghost hologram" thru the white linen sheet.

-You can also display a "scary movie" on the linen sheet which people will be able to watch.

-You have completed the ultimate "Haunted House Special Effect".

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