Introduction: Ghostbusters Track Suit

  How this outfit came about. I and my friends like Ghostbusters, we went to a Convention that had a after party.I thought it would be funny to make Ghostbuster track suits. There are people out there who think by putting on a nice track suit and a chain, they are dressed up. So we went to this party dressed up as douchie Ghostbusters. The tracks suit were a hit, we got a lot of laughs and high five for them. I wear the hoodie on it's own, it;s  quit stylish and fun to wear.

Step 1:

How I made the track suit.

  You can buy a simple Hoodie and track pants pattern at a fabric store, or just buy them. I bought gray hoodies at a store that was closing down for $8. That was cheaper than buying the fabric and zippers for making a hoodie. I also bought black track pants fo $10

   Other materials you'll need to make the outfit

- One inch black and yellow stripe fabric
- Black Pipping
- Black vinyl
- Red vinyl
- White vinyl
- Red Fuzzy letter iron-on transfer
- Sheets of Black Fuzzy iron-on transfer
- A No Ghost Patch

Step 2:

Step 1.  Cut 4 inch thick stripes, on a bias on the black and yellow stripe fabric. This will make up the Hazard stripes for the outfit.

Step 2. On the hoddie I cut out 2 inch thick strips down the sides. The track pants had adecorative stripe down the sides. So all I did was remove the stripe with a sitch popper.

Step 3. Sew the hazard stripe fabric and black pipping to the hoodie and track pants using a zipper foot and a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Having a 1/2 seam allowance made the hazard stripes to be 3 inches thick. Hem the waist and legs.

Step 3:

Step 4

        To make the big logo on the back, I found the image online, blew it up to 12 inches. Printed the logo twice on card stock, 12 inch logo is to big to fit on a sheet of paper, so your going to have to line up and tape the two parts together. Cut the whole logo out and trace  it on black vinyl and cut  it out.. I used a Xacto knife. Then cut the ghost out within the lines, same with the red part. Trace it on the corresponding color vinyl's. I used Goop to glue all the pieces together. There are some fabric glues you can use to glue vinyl together, just make sure you read the package before buying. Once the glue was dry, I sewed it to the back

Step 4:

Step 5.

        For the name tag. I bought a red iron-on letters and small black iron-on sheets at a fabric store. Cut the black iron-on sheets into rectangles. Place the letters on the rectangles. Then iron it on to the hoodie. Read and fallow the directions of the Iron-on product you use.

Step 6.

       I just sewed a No Ghost patch to the  shoulder. You can fine the patch on  E-bay

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