Introduction: Ghostbusters: Ecto-Goggles

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Ghostbusters is one of the greatest movies of all time, and since I have neither the time of patience to build a proton pack, I decided to build the Ecto Goggles. Here is how I made these Bad Boys!

Step 1: Get Yourself a Pair of Goggles

The first thing I did was go out to Walmart and buy a pair of $5 safety goggles. Thats it, thats the first step. you are done now. If you've read this far you my be stupid, Just sayin'

Step 2: The Small Lens

First fine a good picture of the lenses. I found the Ecto-Goggle toy from Mattel on amazon, you can zoom in on the lenses. Click here to go to page. Now to start building. I found an old Philips container that was lying around the house. Take the container and cut the top off. Take a one of those... orange pill things and trace a hole on the uncut side of the Philips container. Now push it in and the side you screw the cap on should be sticking out. Now take a small wooden dowel and cut it to your desired length. Poke a hole in the side and make sure the dowel can fit in it. Spray paint the lens black and the dowel silver.

Step 3: Large Lens

This step is similar the small lens. Take a BIG Philips container and an Airborne container. I cut the bottom of the Philips off and throw it away. Take the cap off the Airborne container and pull the rest of it through, the part where the cap goes should stop it from going any further. Mark where you want to to cut the Airborne and take it out. Cut it off and throw it away. Now pull it through and hot glue it on (you can even use the hot glue to make it look like a weld. Now repeat the step with the dowel from the last step and paint the whole thing black. Put some masking tape on the second grove and paint it silver.

Step 4: Lenses

I took a pair of cheap sunglasses and took out the lenses. I outlined the lens with silver marker and cut it out. fit it to the right length and then hot glued it in.

Step 5: Getting the Goggles Ready

I took some masking tape and taped the inside of the goggles. I traced the lensed and cut it out with an X-Acto knife. I removed the area around the tape and painted it with camo green spray paint. I took off the tape and the area I masked was still clear. I glued the lenses to the goggles.

Step 6: The Strap

Next, I took the strap of an old book bag and cut it off. I took some gold fastener things you find on binders and used them to strap them on the goggles. I took the adjustment bar and did some things with it to make it adjustable (Play with it to make it work, I can't really describe it.). Take some velcro and put it on the over head strap, and the other strap.

Step 7: Extra Detail

If you go online, you can find the stickers used on the goggles. Print them out and glue them on.

Step 8: "Let Me Tell You Somethin'......Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!"

Done! I hope you like this instructable! If you have any suggestions on how I could make it better, comment below. If you want to see more replicas, follow me. More Builds to Come!

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