Introduction: Ghostbusters Proton Pack for Halloween!

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***UPDATE 5/3/10:  If you make a proton pack based on this slideshow, post a picture down in the comments, and I'll send you a patch!***

Update 10/31 - Just got back from the Halloween party, and added 4 pictures of me in full costume. Pretend the coveralls are tan. Warning: these pictures contain chest hair!

Well, I didn't think this would warrant a full instructable, as Honus created this instructable that I used to make my own Proton Pack. So, here is a slideshow of the the awesome costume prop I built. Sadly, I couldn't find a flight suit or even a coverall that was the right color, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that, but at least I have the proton pack!

Since Honus already did the the full instructable on this, I didn't document the construction process. Here is an (incomplete) list of the parts I used to build this:

1/4" plywood
an old backpack frame
LOTS of black spraypaint
duct tape
masking tape
electrical tape
packaging tape
foam weatherstripping tape
random wires
an old garden light
empty bottle of ibuprofen
PVC pipe
an old plastic dish
a spraypaint can
an IDE cable
toilet paper tubes
and many more things

I worked on this starting last sunday night. I worked on it every night that week, until at least midnight, and literally all day long both saturday and sunday. I put the finishing touches on it monday night. Let me know what you think, I'm very proud of it!

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