Introduction: Ghostly Party!

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This is a fun and funky Halloween platter for any age!
You can present these at Halloween parties or just a little surprise.

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

• 1 banana
• 1 apple
• 1 kiwi
• A handful of hundreds and thousands
• A handful of chocolate drops

• A knife
• A cookie cutter (of any shape)

Step 2: Banana Ghosts

• First peel your banana and cut it in half.
• Next use your chocolate drops to create a face (my chocolate drops are curved but yours not have to be)

Step 3: Making the Ghosts Spark

• Now you can add decoration to the banana, I decided to make a head band for each ghost but you could be more creative and do sashes or whatever you want.

Step 4: Apple Shapes

• First slice up your apple evenly about 3mm thick.
• Now cut out the middle of your apple (the core) using your cookie cutter.

Step 5: Kiwi Shapes

• Now repeat step four but with the kiwi, however this time keep the middle part of the kiwi instead of the outer section.

Step 6: Finishing

• Now place your kiwi shape inside your apple centre.
• Next place your fruit in an arrangement that best suits you.
• Then use any left over hundreds and thousands for plate.

Step 7: Thank You!

Thank you for reading this guide!
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