Introduction: Ghostly Wind Catcher

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I saw a random pic on the net that showed a cartoon of a ghost trying ride a bike. Inspiration hit!
This is a wind catcher. When the wind is going it looks like a ghost trying to hold on for dear life!
Let's have some fun now!

Step 1: Badly Photographed Stuff You Need!

Heat gun. It'll help if you're a bit off on measurements with the PVC
Hot Glue Gun. Always somewhere to dab some hot glue to hold stuff together.
PVC cutter or saw to chop up PVC.

Stuff I used and found:
Bicycle handle bars relieved from a Barbie bicycle.
PVC pipes. Various sizes (that fit into each other) and lengths.
PVC cement. (Or use hot glue, epoxy, screws. You get the idea, make them stick together. )
PVC connectors.
Plastic prop hands.
Ghost costume (kids size).
Papers and tape to make a head filler.

Step 2: Upper Body

So, you are going to see a lot of stuff in these pics that I didn't like later on. For example, I thought the spring would help give it more natural bounce or flex. Turns out the ghost was too heavy. The hands were changed multiple times. It was frustrating! Luckily I did it so you don't have to!
I made the shoulders pretty simple. As you can see it was 3 pieces of PVC and a couple connectors.
The head I just crumpled some paper and taped it til I had a good eggplant shape. Bulb for the head and length for the neck to connect to the shoulder assemblies.
As you can see I cut out a wedge, added glue and more tape to connect Head and shoulders!
Add the costume

Step 3: Idle Hands Are...?

So this ended up being more complicated than I thought they should have been.
But I will save you the hours of struggling and crying that I endured.
I used a heat gun to curl the fingers. Using the handle bars I eventually got the shape I wanted.
I used a couple 90 degree bend pieces to connect the ends of the arms to the outer part of the handles.
Now that you ghost is dangling how you want it to be, cut the palms of the hands out so they just rest in place hiding the connections.

Add glue to hold it all in place!

Step 4: Bask in the Oddities!

So I needed a heavy base to keep things standing. Feel free to use the same idea or a pipe in the ground and PVC over that.
I used multiple pipes inside each other because it will allow it to spin easier.
I added all the pics I had of it standing and a slight wave with a breeze.

Step 5: About Me

I always enjoy doing things that are cheap, easy and best of all, useful! Lol! I love making costumes, props and other random stuff (slowly working on my "Swap Meet Buggy"! More details later!)

I hope everyone likes this and I have entered it into several contests. I used reclaim stuff from around the shed, its mostly PVC plastic, Halloween related, outdoor, and it moves! Perfect for several contests as well as being cheap!

I have keep most of my projects going on my FB page as well as videos:

Feel free to check it out!

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