Introduction: Giant 4x8ft Lite Brite!

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I made a massive 4x8ft Lite Brite!!! My sisters work was putting on a youth event and asked me to make this for the event since the theme was LIT. It was a lot of hard work and I wanted to quit a bunch of times. I only had four days to finish this and I barely made the deadline but it ended up looking totally cool!

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

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2x 4' by 8' 1/2" sheets of plywood

1x 1/8" 4' by 8' clear plexiglass

4x 2x4's

20+ 1" 6ft long clear acrylic rods

Blue Sea Glass Paint-

Ruby Sea Glass Paint-

Green Sea Glass Paint-

Red Spray Paint-

Black Spray Paint-

Orange Spray Paint-

Metallic Blue Spray Paint-

4x LED's-

Table Saw-


Drill Bits-

Miter Saw-

Glue Gun-


Step 2: Drawing the Grid

I got my plywood from Lowes and had one of the employees help me get the wood down since I was so short. Once I brought it home it was time to draw out the grid for the 500+ holes (this was such a crazy project) I didn't want to have to measure the whole thing out so I cheated a bit and printed out the template I had made in Illustrator. This mostly worked out pretty well. It had a center dot in each hole that I could line the punch up to. This way the holes would all be centered.

Step 3: Drilling All the Holes

This part took forever! Once I had all the spots I was gonna drill marked at the center I could use my forstner bit to drill the holes. This took me roughly 13 hours and i couldn't stop. I had to push myself to finish it and I got a crazy blister on my hand from the drill. After the first few holes are done it gets boring really fast.

Step 4: Building the Frame

I cut some 2x4's on the table saw to act as the frame for the lite brite. I cut some strips and then ran them through the planer to get rid of the rounded edges. I then glued and nailed/screwed the frame to the front piece of plywood. I also cut some smaller pieces to act as supports.

Step 5: Adding the Acrylic Back Panel

In order for the pegs to not fall out the back I got a 4x8 sheet of acrylic to hold them in place. This was attached to the frame and the little supports i made. This allowed the pegs to sit out about a 1 1/2 from the front. Obviously, I couldnt put anysupports for the acrylic behind the holes so they went all around the frame. I counter sunk some holes for the head of the screws and then gently screwed them in. A piece of the acrylic broke so I used hot glue to fix it.

Step 6: Lighting

This wouldn't be a Lite Brite with out leds. I cute a bunch of strips of led lights and soldered all of them together. my power supply wasn't enough and it would only light half of them. Since I was out of time I went and got some cheap led lights to compensate for the missing lights. This ended up working out really well and was super bright.

Step 7: Cutting the Acrylic

I had to cut over 500 of these pegs, but this wasn't as bad as drilling all the holes. I put a piece of tape on the miter saw so that all the pegs would be the same shape and I wouldn't have to measure each one. Be careful though cut some of the chips of the acrylic will fling back and cut your hand. I had a friend end up help me cut the pegs.

Step 8: Painting Acrylic

This part was cool. I used a few different spray paints to achieve the color that we wanted while still letting light pass through them. I used a sea glass spray paint that worked out the best. It was the perfect balance of light to color ratio. I then used regular spray paint for the other colors and just sprayed it from far away. This worked out ok.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Massive Lite Brite!

I love how this thing turned out. It was a lot of hard work but I think it was totally worth it in the end. I was happy with it and my sister and her boss were really happy with it. I honestly don't think I would ever do this again unless I had a cnc machine but it was cool to see that I was able to do this by hand. Let me know in the comments what you think about it or if you have any questions.

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