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Introduction: Giant Batarang

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What would Batman do without his batarang? The Batarang is one of Batman's essential weapons, so why not make an enormous Batarang out of scrap metal lying around the shop?

Step 1: Find Your Materials

As a great maker knows, you need supplies to make a project. Here are the supplies for this project that are needed.

-Black Spray Paint (must stick to metal)
-Sandpaper (various grits)
-A sheet of strong scrap metal
-An angle grinder (a dremel and lots of cuts off wheels will do)
-A printer and computer (for the template)
-Spray adhesive

-Wood (To make a good template out of)

Step 2: Making the Template/Cutting Out the Metal

Using some scrap wood I got for $2 at a garage sale, I glued the template that I printed out onto the wood with spray adhesive. I cut the template out on my scroll saw and then sand the template on my 1 by 30 harbor freight belt sander to make it smooth.

After cutting out the template, I traced it onto the real metal which I had to first sand to make it smooth and able to be written on. After the good amount of time before dinner, I had a ready to grind giant batarang in my shop.

Step 3: Grinding Time

This step was by far the most precise and heart wrenching step. To perfect the batarang, I spent the better half of 2 hours getting the batarang nice and smooth for paint. This step was worth it though, as it meant that once completing, I giant batarang was almost done.

Step 4: Black and Yellow (except There Is No Yellow)

The painting part of this project was easily partly due to a brand new can of krylon black spray paint, and a sanding sponge that was used to sand down the paint a little after each coat. I repeated paint and sand about 3 times before I was happy with the end result.

Step 5: Thank You

Thank you guys for viewing the debut instuctable for The Nerd Lab, I hope you enjoyed this instructable and cool project. Feedback is always welcome and I will try to respond back as much as possible to you guys. As always, stay nerdy bros.

I would appreciate if you guys voted for this instructable and its contents so I could win some cool prizes that I could use in the shop for future projects with you guys.

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