Introduction: Giant BristleBot

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Bristlebots are some of the first robot people build. They are just SO EASY! Sitting around the instructables lab i got the idea, for the Giant BristleBot.

Warning, this device involves fast spinning objects and high torque motors. Letting it go for the first time is kinda scary. Watch your eyes.

Randofo gives this his seal of approval of awesome, so expect it to be in the next 62 projects to make with a dead push broom.

Below is a video of the death bringer. Thanks Matt for putting yourself in harms way.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following to complete this project:

1 push broom brush
1 6v lantern battery
1 large 12v motor (a machined shaft helps)
2 pipe clamps
1 piece of scrap acrylic or wood
1 on/off switch

Tools suggested:
Soldering Iron
Safety Glasses

Step 2: Attach the Acrylic Piece

First you want to attach the acrylic piece to the motor. Drill the acrylic near one side to unbalance the motor when it spins, making it vibrate.

I attached the acrylic with a regular nut on one side and an acorn nut on the other.

Once that it done turn it on to see if it vibrates enough, if it moves all around, then you did it right.

Step 3: Attach to Broomhead

Once the acrylic is secure, attach the motor to the broomhead with a pipe clamp.

Make sure the pipe clamp is nice and tight.

Step 4: Attach Battery and Wire Switch

Next on the other end of the broom attach the battery, again with a pipe clamp.

Then wire up the switch so you can access it easily, you don't want a bristlebot running around with no way to turn it off.

Step 5: Tape Up Counterweight

As a last minute safety precaution, i decided to tape up the fragile counterweight so if it does run into something and break, i won't have shards of acrylic everywhere.

Step 6: Test Ride

Once it's built and running its time to take it outside.

I let it run around the sidewalk, people gave me weird looks of course. it had a hard time going in a straight line and did fall down a lot.

Randy had a great idea of building a second one and attaching dremels to both of them. I questioned this being a good idea, his retort was "It'd Be AWESOME", can't argue with that.

Coming winter 2010 Bristlebot Battles on the Discovery Channel.

Please comment if you think this is an irresponsible use of tax payer dollars and/or feel i am putting children at risk for building such a device.