Giant Cardboard Papercraft Mario



Introduction: Giant Cardboard Papercraft Mario

Hello everybody !

I show you my new creation : A Giant Cardboard Papercraft Mario. With this you can drop your plushes in his head , for exemple .

You need : glue , glue gun , cutter, paint : red , yellow , blue , brown, beige , black , white, grey, and cardboard.

The Measures is on the 3rd picture in cm.

You can look at my video to help you.


Step 1: The Hat

Cut out the cardboard with the measurements shown on the picture then stick all the part so that a cube and meter the cardboard you aver cut out to make the half-circle to do the cap visor.

Step 2: The Head

For the head , it is very easy . It is enough to cute 4 times the same face and to stick them to make a square then to make the face of the bottom to finish the head .

To finish the head, cut out the two eyes, the two eyebrows and the mustache then last to make the nose .coller the mustache to the nose and the nose to the eyes then to glue the whole on the front of the head

Step 3: The Legs and the Body

Cut the 6 sides according to the dimensions of the image. Assemble and glue them together to form a three-dimensional l as in the plan

Step 4: The Arms

To make the arms, just cut 8 rectangular faces and 4 square faces according to the dimensions of the photo.

Assemble 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces as shown in the plan so that it forms a parallelepiped. You just built an arm. Just do the same for the second .

Step 5: The Paint

Paint all the pieces according to the color code for each of them. Then glue the arms to the body. Place the cap on the head and put the head on the body. And here you have finished your box to doudou mario

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